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Through surprising ideas and production expertise, we deliver your messages so they achieve the reaction, and action you want.

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Your audience will buy your message, for one reason only

Because You Believe It


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Featured Work.

The one about stolen music

‘Distract and catch the attention’

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The one that took balls to inspire

‘Whether you add it to, or subtract it from your life, it takes four weeks for it to become habit.’

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The one that changed the game

‘A game changer does something that no-one thinks can be done, and in doing it, shows everyone the way. Ask Dick Fosbury.’

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The one where we said thank you

‘The greatest legacy is that which benefits the widest number of people for the longest period of time, without limit.’

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The one where we needed a hero

‘The positive effects of a pay-rise are relatively short-lived, whereas the positive effects of accessing more knowledge are boundless.’

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Point the get to backwards it read to had you where one the

‘Speak to their mind and they will retain a bit - for a bit. Speak to their heart and they will never forget.’

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About Alive

Alive opened for business in July 1999.
Over that time, we have forged strong and collaborative relationships with production partners of all disciplines, around the world.
This gives Alive an unprecedented delivery capability as well a totally manageable overhead.
Our clients know that our production standards and working practises are exemplary.
Alive is not led by technology for its own sake, rather, we are driven by finding the core message and helping to deliver this in a way that touches your people.
The positive reaction - and subsequent action of you and your audience is always our benchmark.

Our Services.

‘Our approach is simple. Get the message from your heart. Into theirs.’

Expo Presence design

Even an exhibition booth can convey your message and convey the correct impression.

Presentation ideation and coaching

Need an idea to catch the attention?
We love doing that.


Cut it as you must. Soup to nuts, or single course only - our energy does not diminish with the size of your budget.


Our films are always watchable. Right up to the end of the story.


Statements like this are what make it all worthwhile (Second only to getting paid).

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Skype: lud.romano

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